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Git-R-Done Pest Control Inc. has over 10 years of professional experience getting rid of prairie dogs and prairie dog problems for: homeowners, companies, property developers, home builders, farmers, ranchers, power companies, and commercial businesses.


Git-R-Done Pest Control Inc.

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Git-R-Done Pest Control was formed in 2006 after a friend’s sister hired one of the better known prairie dog eradication companies to exterminate her prairie dogs. After she paid for prairie dog control she placed a flag by each and every prairie dog burrow, to her dismay there where only half the number of burrows she had paid for. The seed was planted to provide a service with a high efficacy of prairie dog control and with an honest burrow count.

I, Rickey Zion (President and CEO), grew up farming in eastern Colorado near the Kansas border, in 2005 Rozol was approved in Kansas by SLN label and from landowner experiences in Kansas we knew that prairie dog control had achieved a new level of efficacy. Following the Kansas SLN, eastern Colorado farmers, ranchers and weed control districts petitioned the Colorado Dept. of Ag and received a SLN approval in Dec 2006 for eastern Colorado.

Git-R-Done Pest Control and several others led a letter writing campaign in Weld and Larimer counties in the fall of 2006, while Git-R-Done Pest Control also researched Rozol’s effect on the Preble mouse. Upon presenting the petitions and research (mostly obtained for the Colorado Division of Wildlife) a new SLN including the Front Range was published by the Colorado Dept. of Ag in Feb 2007.

Feb 2007 Git-R-Done was ready and waiting, we test treated four prairie dog town, thirty days later prairie dogs were still active this was not as easy and simple as we thought, learning curve was steep, we retreated at our expense, today we achieve near 100% control the first time.