Prairie Dog Removal Services in Colorado

Help for Colorado Landowners needing to control prairie dog populations.

Prairie Dog Control Methods Used

Git-R-Done Pest Control application methods are continually refined to reduce the risks to non-target animals. We have no intent to harm non-target animals. Rodent control methods used by Git-R-Done are approved by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture, Colorado Division of Wildlife and EPA and in the case of Aluminum Phosphide our standards excide EPA’s requirements for distance from buildings.

Prairie Dog Trapping and Relocation

Live trapping is an option for the removal of Prairie Dogs. However live trapping is timely and difficult. Prairie dogs are smart rodents. When a trap door malfunctions, you will not get second chance. GIt-R-Done is working with a manufacture that is developing a redesigned trip mechanism. They have redesigned the trip mechanism and Git-R-Done will be testing the effectiveness of the redesigned trap mechanism in the near future. Git-R-Done Pest Control is also working on the development of a cage that will be placed over the hole, eliminating the necessity of the prairie dog coming to the trap. We have a few cages built and are trying them as of March 15, 2015 to see if prairie dog will enter and exit the cage. We have requested that a manufacture consider using an electric eye (photo) as they do in Skunk traps (photo), or selling us the electric eye so we can build a better mouse trap. Boulder county Parks and Open Space have told us they do well trapping in the beginning and then the results tapper off with each succeeding attempt, they reported that prairie dogs will turn the traps over to get to the bait.

If you are considering live trapping, we suggest an initial attempt until the results diminish and then follow with a lethal method. Git-R-Done Pest Control live capture methods have been approved for the Raptor Program. The only approved method of euthanasia (guidelines) for prairie dogs fed to raptors is the use of CO2. If Git-R-Done can develop a trap that is efficient, Git-R-Done Pest will charge a greatly reduced rate per prairie dog trapped.

Several times Git-R-Done has been called in to remove prairie dogs that have been relocated on to land (usually county owned), the county immediately calls us to eradicate these prairie dogs. You paid to trap and relocate, yet they ended up being eradicated.

Relocation Sites Desperately Needed by Git-R-Done Pest Control!

If you know of a private landowner that has land available for a relocation site, please contact us.


Prairie Dog Barriers

A barrier that Git-R-Done has observed that may contain prairie dogs was on Boulder County Parks and Open Space. This barrier was 5 foot chicken wire, 2 feet was flush with the ground and 3 feet was fastened to post. The prairie dogs were still crawling over the barrier and they were contemplating adding an electric fence to the top. Plastic fences do not last with either rabbits or prairie dogs eating holes through the fence or wind, snow, or blowing weeds knocking the fence down. It is a myth that a prairie dog will not stay in an area that doesn’t provide them with good visibility.


Prairie Dog Removal Vacuum

Git-R-Done has no first-hand knowledge on the effectiveness of Vacuums. A KSU Wildlife Biologist stated that he observed very few being captured and a number of those either had broken legs or broken backs, if you are interested in this method Git-R-Done would suggest you observe first-hand, prior to make a decision. The Biologist also said other machines may be more effective than the one he observed.


Bubble Gum and Prairie Dog Control

Git-R-Done Pest Control has heard several myths, including the use of bubble gum, instant mashed potatoes, rice, and coke and has never found any of these methods effective. If you know of more, we are interested; so please email We never know when something will work and be environmentally safe.


Prairie Dog Hunting

While some individuals enjoy hunting and shooting prairie dogs the effectiveness is limit; if there is a very limited number shooting my by effective. On organic farms shooting may be one of the most effective control methods. Care must be taken to make sure the discharge of firearms is legal and safe. If all else fails Git-R-Done has a sound suppressor (silencer) ordered and has seen reports were this is effective in reducing the numbers, not eliminating.

Wildlife Control With Fumigants

Aluminum Phosphide Products — Fumitoxin® Weevilcide®, and Phostoxin®

Two girls passed away in the night in Utah when Aluminum Phosphide was applied near their home and the gas followed a hole or trench into the basement. Salt Lake City Tribune Article. Git-R-Done Pest Control will not treat anywhere near a building with a basement and sets a limit of 100 yards, not 200 feet.

Aluminum phosphide fumigant is very effective in the spring when the ground is moist and the soil temperature is above 60, at the depth the pellets are deposited. Temperature is one variable, soil moisture is another variable. The higher the soil moisture content the slower Aluminum Phosphide absorbs into the soil. The higher the soil moisture content the faster Aluminum Phosphide becomes phosphine gas. High soil moisture and higher temperature leads to greater control. If the temperature is less than 40 degrees, the phosphine gas will not volatize (temperature’s effect on fumigation), and if the ground is dry the gas absorbs into the ground to quickly to be effective. Although the chart in the label is for insect control, it shows the relative amount of time it takes for Aluminum Phosphide to reach a lethal concentration. The cooler the soil temperature, the slower Aluminum Phosphide becomes phosphine gas.

The results can be as high as 100% under ideal conditions yet we’ve had result in the 50% range under dry summer conditions. Everything in the burrow will be eradicated and we have witnessed prairie dogs digging out prior to expiring, we don’t know whether the carcass can result in secondary poisoning. Git-R-Done Pest Control will use this method when no other satisfactory method is available.

To determine the effectiveness of this method, all burrows need to be covered prior to application and then 2 to 3 days after application there must be a check to see how many holes have reopened. In the spring and summer when prairie dogs are very active, the most cost effective method is to cover the burrows and then treat reopened burrows two or three days later, use this only during the summer time period. Covering holes to find active holes does not work in the winter.


Prairie Dog Management With Carbon Monoxide

Git-R-Done Pest Control has Carbon monoxide cartridges. Boulder County Park and Open Space place two cartridges per burrow and then used a leaf blower to keep the CO in the burrow long enough to eradicate the prairie dog. The cost is $7.50 minimum per burrow without using the leaf blower, Boulder County personal said they are getting about 400 burrows per week. We have followed a company that used the cartridges (testimonial letter) and they had almost no results even though they charged $10 per burrow.


Prairie Dog Extermination Using Grain Bait

Git-R-Done Pest Control’s preferred method is Rozol® because it is economical ($1.50/burrow and we have volume discounts), it is fast and it is extremely effective (effectiveness) when it’s applied correctly. One person can treat up to 1500 burrows a day. When treating several thousand or even several hundred it is difficult to keep track of which burrows have been treated, Git-R-Done Pest Control uses a marker system to accomplish this feat.

Videos of our baiters in action were used by Colorado State Ag Dept. for drawing up the SLN label a few years ago. Secondary poisoning is a consideration, when the prairie dog has consumed the bait. Lab results on dead prairie dogs show few part per million (lab results). The baited is colored blue-green (photo) a color that does not attract birds. We don’t see birds around the burrows eating bait and we don’t see where they have been scratching around the burrows.

Humaneness (humaneness) of Rozol®. Carcasses are seldom found on top of the ground, carcasses are found on the ground on about 1% of the burrows treated. Git-R-Done Pest Control has included testimonials from counties, state agencies and businesses that you can verify, by calling, we don’t believe in testimonials from individuals who may be friends of Git-R-Done Pest Control.


Prairie Dog Control Using Zinc Phosphide

Zinc Phosphide is effective when pre-baited, vegetation is dry or nonexistent. Even with these conditions a slight amount of moisture will deactivate the Zinc Phosphide. Result will vary from near 100% to considerably less. We’ve seen and average number reported of 65%. (Efficacy Study). Git-R-Done Pest Control treated a river area near Windsor, CO in 2007 with Rozol®. The farmer had used Zinc Phosphide previously and they reported finding 27 dead geese the day after the application. It is extremely toxic to anything that eats the bait.

Prairie Dog Control Propane

Git-R-Done has no experience with the explosive devices, several of our clients have tried and thought they were too slow and ineffective and hired us instead of using their propane devices. Like several pest management methods operator error may be the deciding factor.