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Git-R-Done Pest Control Inc. Information

Our Colorado prairie dog pest control and prairie dog eradication company was founded in 2006.

We have treated thousands of prairie dog burrows. Mostly, our company has relied on recommendations for new customers needing prairie dog removal services, referrals and on word of mouth for advertising, and a new age of new customer and client discovery processes is now beginning through our online marketing efforts.

We entered the business after my original partner’s sister hired a company that charged her for twice as many burrows as existed. We make enough money without increasing the price per hole, and many jobs far exceed the estimate the landowner has.

On smaller jobs in the past, we have gone back and flagged every burrow. This works on small jobs, however on larger jobs we can measure areas in acres, count, and make estimates from these if the client questions our count.

Visit these useful web pages on our site for answers to frequently asked questions or general prairie dog information and facts.

Prairie Dog Pest Eradication

Methods of Prairie Dog Mediation

Git-R-Done Pest Control is here to educate consumers, clients, and potential customers on the different methods of prairie dog mediation, and the pros and cons of each method. An informed customer, who has realistic expectations, will be a happy customer of our prairie dog eradication services. Word of mouth travels very fast.

Prairie dogs can double in area every year. If you have someone do prairie dog mediation and they are 70% effective, you can be at full infestation again in two years; 40% effective and your back to full infestation the next year.

Prairie dogs are known to cause damage to underground utilities, kill trees by eating their roots, cause livestock and horses to step on hallow ground and break their legs, create wind erosion, and they have also been linked to the spread of bubonic plague.

Getting Rid of Prairie Dogs

We mainly use two methods for prairie dog pest control and eradication: Rozol, a blood thinner, and Aluminum Phosphide, fumigant

Ricky Zion – Owner

Git-R-Done Pest Control Inc.

Our company is built on the principle of preforming top quality pest control at a fair price, following this principal has allowed our company to flourish. Word of mouth has and will be our best advertisement.

Prairie Dog Pest Control Methods

Git-R-Done Pest Control aims to provide the high pest control efficacy using humane pest control methods. Our control methods (trapping, blood thinners, carbon monoxide and phosphine gas) vary according to time of year, weather, soil type, location and customer preference. We feel phosphine gas is not as humane as our other methods; each person has a right to their own opinion. We will not use Zinc Phosphide, for the concern of humanness and other species we have seen affected.

If you desire to control your prairie dogs by trapping and don’t have a relocation site, we are approved for the donation of prairie dogs to the Raptor program.

Git-R-Done never has or will be satisfied with the work they have done, there is a better way, more environmentally friendly, etc., we are continually searching to improve.

Our advantage over our competitors may be as simple as time of day application is made, placement of chemicals, temperature requirements or the formulation of the chemicals used and yes an honest burrow count. If any of your conditions spells failure we will not treat, you can hire one of our competitors.

A number of companies tout their methods as effective and humane, we question a number of these methods and are doing research to prove or disprove, if our competitors are correct we will incorporate their methods into our work. If their “humane” methods, in our opinion, are not humane we will place a video showing our results on this website allowing you to make the judgment call for your projects. Calling a method “humane” doesn’t make it humane, similar to a soft drink being called Healthy 1 (fictitious name) containing twice the high fructose corn syrup as xxxx, is healthy.

We will have videos of our research, both failures and successes; we welcome your suggestion or ideas for future research. Next prairie dog we catch, maybe we’ll try bubble gum, or phosphine gas below 50 degrees or????? We’re open to any and all the best ways to resolve your prairie dog pest problems once and for all using professional methods of population control.

We were extremely proud when Colorado State Dept. of Ag issued a SLN for mechanical baiters, using a video of our baiter to develop the special label needs (SLN). Our baiters are second to none in use today. Prairie Dog Feeders® incorporated some of our ideas before I stopped sharing improvements.

Our performance will keep you as our customers, not our website.

You’re welcome to view our pest control license, insurance certificates, and contract used for our quality services.

Thank you for visiting, please take time and view as many pages as you can; an informed customer will be our customer for life.

Refer to a few Colorado customer comments on our Black Tailed Prairie Dog eradication and removal services.

Weld County hired Rick Zion with Git-R-done Pest control in 2009. I have been very pleased with the work that Rick has done. The cost was affordable. He did a complete job of treating our prairie dogs. rick also went out of the way to make contact with the neighboring landowners to try and treat their prairie dogs at the same time. It was easy to work with Rick. He has been very responsive when I have had a question or needed to change the plans.

I am excited about the GPS mapping ability that he now has on the equipment. This will make documentation and justification much easier.

Overall I am very pleased ….feel free to call me at 970-304-6496 ext. 3370.

Tina Booton

Weed Division Supervisor, Public Works Department - Greeley, Colorado

I am the manager of a towing lot. I noticed that we had a problem with prairie dogs on our property. I contacted and exterminator, on recommendation from another employee. the company cam right out and said that they would take care of the problem and they would guarnatee there work. They used some sort of smoke generating, firework looking, device. The next spring I noticed there were still prairie dogs, so I called the company and they never returned my call. Very disappointing.

Rick from Git-R-done Pest Control, Inc. came by because he was working in the area, and had noticed the prairie dogs. rick took care of the problem right then and also guaranteed his work. The prairie dogs were gone right away and we haven’t had any more since….Rick’s price was less expensive than the first company and the results speak for themselves.

Andrew Glenn

M & M Auto Reconditioning, Inc.

I contracted with Mr Zion to apply Rozol to prairie dog colonies on two separate parcels of state trust land in Weld County….He made the applications in the time frame that we agreed upon. He was timely in submitting applications reports and billing. I have recently re-inspected both sites to assess the control achieved by this treatment. I was very pleased with the level of control that I noted on both of these parcels

In both cases, the removal of the prairie dog infestation has allowed the grass to recover and begin to restore rangeland that had been seriously degraded by prairie dogs. I have inspected his application equipment and found it to be well-designed and efficient.

Matt Pollart

Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners, State of Colorado

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